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Aspects légaux

anchor <A>
Hypertext and image links to other documents, or named sections of documents. In a framed environment, the link can be targeted to a particular frame.

<A HREF="http://www.____.com/link.html">

In the following pair, the HREF link will jump to the NAME tag, in the "link.html" document.

<A HREF="link.html#section">
<A NAME="section">

The TARGET attribute will direct the HREF URL to a desired frame or window:

area <AREA> Located between beginning and ending MAP tags, specifies coordinates and action of image maps.

COORDS= "X,Y,R" shape coordinates within image map
HREF= URL address of location directed by click within coordinates
NOHREF (no action)
SHAPE= "rect" "circle" "poly"
TARGET= name of the window or frame where the referenced URL is displayed


<AREA SHAPE="rect" COORDS="8,29,24,45" HREF="page1.html" TARGET="page_frame">

Affiche le texte en Gras
base <BASE> The base URL reference for the HTML file, includes:

<BASE URL="http://www.votresite.com/répertoire/">

base font <BASEFONT> Changes the base font size of all page text, excluding headers. The default base font size is 3, the range is 1 to 7. The basefont tag changes the size of all text that follows it in the document.


big <BIG>
Increases the size of the enclosed text relative to the base font size. (BASEFONT SIZE=+1 in Netscape, BASEFONT SIZE=4 in IE).
blockquote <BLOCKQUOTE>
Formats a block of text, either by indenting from left and right margins, or representing text in italics. This tag is usually used in combination with other text formatting tags, such as P or EM.
body <BODY>
This tag pair is placed between the closing HEAD tag, and closing HTML tag.

BGCOLOR= "rgb_value" or "color_name" Document background color
BACKGROUND= the URL of an image file placed in the page background
TEXT=,LINK=,VLINK=,ALINK= Color values of the text and link, visited link and active links.


<BODY BGCOLOR="#00FFFF" TEXT="black" LINK="#660000" VLINK="#990000" ALINK="aqua">

break <BR> Passe à la ligne, l'attribut CLEAR peut être ajouté pour éviter que le texte ne soit mêlé aux images.

<BR CLEAR="left","right", or "all">

caption <CAPTION>
Following the opening TABLE tag, but not within a TR or TD tag pair. Accepts ALIGN="top" (default) or "bottom", placing the caption above or below the table. voir TABLE
center <CENTER>
Centre le texte entre les balises.
citation <CITE>
Affiche le texte comme une citation, généralement en italique.
code <CODE>
Affiche le texte entre balises avec une police non proportionnelle, généralement la police Courier (Echappement fixe : Chaque caractère a la même largeur).

definition <DD> Une définition dans une liste énumérative. (voir DL)
<DT> Définition d'un élément dans une liste énumérative. (voir DL)
Liste énumérative. Chaque "élément" DT suit la balise DL , et chaque balise de "definition" DD suit DT. Un nombre quelconque d'éléments peuvent être inclus (et imbriqués avec de nouvelles balises DL dans une liste énumérative.


<DT>La philatélie est
<DD>Un passe-temps agréable,
surtout en vacances.
<DT>Les philatélistes
<DD>Sont des gens heureux.
Sera affiché ainsi :

La philatélie est
Un passe-temps agréable, surtout en vacances.
Les philatélistes
Sont des gens heureux.
division <DIV>
Divides the page into sections, with layout attributes.

<DIV ALIGN= "left" "right" "center" "justify">

emphasis <EM>
Emphasises the enclosed text, usually with italics.
embed <EMBED> Identifies the source file, control panels and playback of audio and video files. This tag requires browser-specific extensions.

ALIGN= left, right, center (location of audio control panel)
AUTOSTART= automatic playback of audio or video
CONTROLS= "console" "smallconsole" "playbutton" "pausebutton" "stopbutton" and "volumelever"
LOOP= either a number of playback loops, or "true" to loop indefinitely
SRC= the audio or video source file URL
WIDTH= HEIGHT= pixel size of controls

font <FONT>
Changes the font size, color and typeface characteristics of the selected text.

COLOR= "rgb_value" or "color_name"
FACE= "font_name","font_name" (type face attributes will only be displayed if the named font is installed on the client machine)
SIZE= "n" (1-7, default is 3) or
"+n", "-n" (relative to base font size)


<FONT COLOR="blue" SIZE="+2" FACE="HELVETICA,ARIAL">www.coppoweb.com</FONT>

Sera affiché ainsi :


form <FORM>
User input forms are contained within this tag pair. (voir INPUT, TEXTAREA, SELECT)

ACTION= URL of CGI script or program that processes form input
METHOD= "get","post" (determines how form values are sent)
TARGET= "_top" "_parent" "_self" "_blank" "frame_name" (result of form input can be directed to another window or frame)


<FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="http://www.___.com/form.cgi" TARGET="_self">

frame <FRAME> Determines the attributes and contents of individual frames. (voir FRAMESET)

BORDER= "n" (default is 5, Netscape only)
BORDERCOLOR= "rgb_value","color_name" (Netscape only)
FRAMEBORDER= "yes/no" or "1/0" (turns frame borders on or off for a specific frame)
NAME= "frame_name" (for frame window references)
NORESIZE (disallows frame window re-sizing by user)
MARGINWIDTH= "n" (left/right blank space margin around frame contents, default is 8)
MARGINHEIGHT= "n" (top blank space margin)
SCROLLING= "yes/no" (turns frame scrolling on and off, default is "auto")
SRC= URL of frame contents



frameset <FRAMESET>
Organizes FRAMEs in columns and rows. FRAMESETs can be "nested". (ex. a FRAMESET of 2 columns as the first element in a FRAMESET of 2 rows.) voir FRAME

BORDER= "n" (default is 5, Netscape only)
BORDERCOLOR= "rgb_value","color_name" (Netscape only)
COLS= "pixel_width,pixel_width,*" or "n%,n%,*" (* = remaining value of column width to fill FRAMESET, in pixels or %. ex. the attribute COLS= "40,200,*" would outline 3 columns in widths of 40 pixels, 200 pixels and the difference between 240 and the total pixel width of the FRAMESET.)
FRAMEBORDER= "yes/no" or "1/0" (turns frame borders on or off for a specific frame)
ROWS= "pixel_width,pixel_width,*" or "n%,n%,*"



head <HEAD>
Placed after opening HTML tag, before BODY tag.
TITLE, META, BASE and SCRIPT tags are placed between beginning and ending HEAD tags.
Titre, H1 (Grand) à H6 (très petit).
La balise HEADER accepte les attributs suivants :
ALIGN= "left" "right" "center"


<H2 ALIGN="center">www.coppoweb.com</H2>

Sera affiché ainsi :


(Trait horizontal)
<HR> Trace une ligne horizontale, on peut préciser la longueur, l'épaisseur et l'ombre.

ALIGN= "right" "left" "center"
NOSHADE (Enlève l'ombre portée, crée un trait plein)
SIZE= "longueur en pixels"
WIDTH= "épaisseur en pixels" ou en pourcentage de la largeur de la page


<HR ALIGN="center" SIZE="10" WIDTH="25%">

Sera affiché ainsi :

html <HTML>
Placed at the beginning and end of an HTML document.

image <IMG> Defines the source, size and link characteristics of images.

ALIGN= "left, right, texttop, top, middle, absmiddle, bottom, absbottom"
ALT= "describes the image for text-based browsers"
BORDER= "n" value, in pixels, of border surrounding an active image link.
HSPACE= "n" / VSPACE= "n" (controls blank space around an image, in pixels)
LOWSRC= URL of a low resolution image, to fill the image space while a larger image file is loading
SRC= URL of the image file
USEMAP= "#map_name" (client-side image map reference, voir MAP)
WIDTH= "n" / HEIGHT= "n" pixel-height and width of image file, can be modified to scale an image.


<IMG SRC="ego.gif" HEIGHT="300" WIDTH="100" LOWSRC="ego1.gif" ALT="Une image de moi.">

input <INPUT> Identifies the type and attributes of a FORM element.

TYPE= "checkbox" "button" "radiobutton" "password" "hidden" "text" "image" "submit" "reset"

CHECKED (for CHECKBOX / RADIOBUTTON marks the element as selected by default)
MAXLENGTH= "character_length" (for TEXT/PASSWORD, limits number of characters allowed)
NAME= "element_name"
SIZE= "character_length" (for TEXT/PASSWORD, default is 20)
SRC= URL of the image file used as a form element.
USEMAP= "#map_name" (client-side image map reference, voir MAP)
VALUE= assigns an initial value to the form (TEXT, SUBMIT, BUTTON, RESET) WIDTH= "n" / HEIGHT= "n" pixel-height and width of image file, can be modified to scale an image.


<INPUT TYPE="text" SIZE="30" NAME="street_address" VALUE="your street address">

isindex <ISINDEX> Creates a simple search interface, where the page links to a search script or program.
italic <I>
Displays the enclosed text in italic.

keyboard <KBD>
Displays the enclosed text in a monotype font, usually Courier.

list item <LI> Defines an item in an ordered or unordered list. (voir OL/UL)

TYPE= determines the symbols and characters assigned to the list item. For ORDERED lists, TYPE= "A" "a" "I" "i" "1" (default is "1").
For UNORDERED lists, TYPE= "disc" "circle" "square" (default is "disc")
VALUE= "n" (a number value assigned to the first list item, converts to defined TYPE, overrides START)

line break <BR> Creates a line break, the CLEAR attribute can be used to avoid text flow around images.

CLEAR="left","right", or "all"

link <LINK> The LINK tag provides a method of pointing to another related document.

HREF= URL of the linked document
REL= relationship of the original document to the linked document
REV= reverse relationship, sometimes used to point to the page author's home page or mailto URL


<LINK REL=Contents HREF=toc.html>
<LINK REL=Next HREF=doc33.html>
<LINK REL=Chapter REV=Contents HREF=chapter2.html>

map <MAP>
Tag pair encloses AREA tags, defines the coordinates and action of a client-side image map.(voir IMG, AREA)

<MAP NAME= "map_name">

meta <META> The META tag can include HTTP-EQUIV and NAME attributes, with the associated value assigned to CONTENT.

HTTP-EQUIV attributes are equivalent to HTTP headers, and can specify information contained in the actual header. Commonly used terms are "refresh", to direct the browser to load another URL in a specified number of seconds, and "expires", to control document cacheing and search engine deletions.

The NAME term options include; keywords, description, author, date, and many others. The metadata elements can be used by search engines in various ways as a method of indexing the document. It allows the page designer to include descriptive information to be displayed in a search result, in place of the initial document text.

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set specifies particular NAME keys and associated CONTENT values. Dublin Core elements follow the syntax; "DC.NAME", as in "DC.SUBJECT".


<META HTTP-EQUIV="refresh" CONTENT="30;URL=http://www.___.com/next.html">

<META NAME="keywords" CONTENT="HTML, editor, JavaScript, publishing">

no break <NOBR>
Controls line breaks, limiting the selected contents to one line.
no frames <NOFRAMES>
Includes content for browsers that cannot interpret the FRAME tag.

option <OPTION> The options listed within a SELECT menu.

SELECTED (the OPTION displayed as selected by default, if none are SELECTED the first menu OPTION is displayed.)
VALUE= "option_value" Defines the value to be paired with the SELECT name by the FORM.


<SELECT NAME="Timbres">
<OPTION VALUE="0">Merson
<OPTION VALUE="4">Marianne
<OPTION VALUE="5">Pétain
Sera affiché ainsi :

An ordered list of items, designated by sequential characters (voir LI).

TYPE= "A" "a" "I" "i" "1" (default is "1") Determines the symbols and characters assigned to the list item and those that follow.
START= "n" Sets the initial value of the first line item, converts to TYPE.


Mes timbres favoris : 
<OL TYPE="a">
sera affiché ainsi :

Mes timbres favoris :

  1. Merson
    1. Semeuses
    2. Paix
    3. Sage
    4. Blanc

paragraph <P> Inserts a blank space division in text, creating a new paragraph.


ALIGN= "left" "right" "center"

sample <SAMP>
Displays the enclosed text in a monotype font, usually Courier.
select <SELECT>
Placed between beginning and ending FORM tags, creates a menu of OPTIONs.

NAME= "select_name" MULTIPLE allows more than one option selected
SIZE= "n" displays the menu as a visible list, with scrollbars if "n" is less than the number of defined options.


<SELECT NAME="timbres" SIZE="5">
Sera affiché ainsi :

small <SMALL>
Decreases the size of the enclosed text relative to the base font size. (BASEFONT SIZE=-1 in Netscape, BASEFONT SIZE=2 in IE).
strike <S>



Displays the selection with a line through the center of the text.
strong <STRONG>
Emphasizes the enclosed text, usually in boldface.
subscript <SUB>
Offsets the enclosed selection as subscript.
superscript <SUP>
Offsets the enclosed selection as superscript.

table <TABLE>
Structures page elements within rows and columns. (voir TH, TR, TD, CAPTION)

BGCOLOR= "rgb_value" "color_name" (background color)
BORDER= "n" (default is "0")
CELLPADDING= "n" space between cell contents and border, in pixels
CELLSPACING= "n" space between cells, in pixels
WIDTH= "n" or "%" determines the size of the table
HEIGHT= "n" or "%"

Following the opening TABLE tag, but not within a TR or TD tag pair. Accepts ALIGN="top" (default) or "bottom", placing the caption above or below the table.




Determining the layout attributes of TABLE cell and header contents, TD and TH must fall between the TR tag pair.

ALIGN= "left, center, right" (default is "left") VALIGN= "top, middle, bottom" (default is "middle") BGCOLOR= "rgb_value" "color_name" overrides TR and TABLE color
COLSPAN= "n" columns spanned by this cell
NOWRAP (limits cell data to one line)
ROWSPAN= "n" rows spanned by this cell
WIDTH/HEIGHT= "n" or "%" determines the cell size

Layout attributes of TABLE row contents, TR must fall between the TABLE tag pair.

ALIGN= "left, center, right" (default is "left") VALIGN= "top, middle, bottom" (default is "middle") BGCOLOR= "rgb_value" "color_name" overrides TABLE color

teletype <TT>
Displays the enclosed text in a monotype font, usually Courier.
textarea <TEXTAREA>
Displays a multiple-line text input field as an element of the FORM tag. Text entered between the beginning and ending TEXTAREA tags will be displayed as the default text in the FORM element.

NAME= "textarea_name"
ROWS= "n" number of rows displayed
COLS= "n" number of columns (represented as characters)
WRAP= "virtual" (to wrap text at the end of the displayed input area)

title <TITLE>
Document title as it appears at the top of the browser window. This tag must be located between the beginning and ending HEAD tags.

Souligne le texte entre balises.
(liste non
Enumération d'élements précédés par des symboles. (voir LI). Les listes peuvent être imbriquées.

TYPE= "disc" "circle" "square" (par défaut : "disc") Précise le symbole assigné à la liste et celui qui précède chaque élément.


Timbres : 
Sera affiché ainsi :

Timbres :

  • Merson
    • Blanc
    • Sage
    • Paix
    • Marianne
    • Pétain
    • Mouchon

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